Completely Customized fixed price IT Management Solutions for businesses of any size with remote monitoring, administration and management.

From hourly rates for computer repair to fixed price projects for design and implementation of complete IT systems with disaster recovery.

IT Consulting

Your partner in computing, networking and security.

Networking & Security

Managed IT Services

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Design and support from simple wireless/wired networks to complex corporate mesh networks.

I.T. Consulting, management, design & implementation

​Managed Technologies of NY, Inc.

We specialize in every aspect of I.T. Support: from residential repair and networking to advanced secure corporate enterprise level networking, security and management now also including VoIP services, key access systems and video surveillance. 

We have one goal:  To provide professional, prompt, trustworthy and reliable IT services so you can focus on your business. Managed Technologies of NY, Inc. focuses on helping you grow by taking on the task of servicing your computers, networking and IT security systems so you can focus on managing what matters to you. We use a different approach them most: we have custom fixed price service contracts to keep your I.T. costs manageable and under control instead of costly out of control hourly rates. We work around the clock and all hours of the day to ensure your system is up and running and maintained without taking away from your business day.  We schedule what works for you and your business, NOT what works for us. As your partner in technology, when your business grows, ours will grow with it and we will work hand in hand with you to support your growth without any compromise of services.